Padsicles: Make Your Own for an Easier Postpartum Recovery

Post Partum with Miss Christian Grace

Just like most first time moms, I wasn’t sure how to prepare during my first pregnancy. So I read a ton and did a lot of my own research! One thing I prepared for was postpartum recovery. I didn’t know how I would feel or what to expect, but from what I had read, it seemed important to be prepared to take care of myself too. So I came across “padsicles” and decided it wouldn’t hurt to make my own. WOW. What a great decision on my part because the padsicles were a lifesaver when I was waddling around my house in pain taking care of a newborn. Here is a list of all the things I’ve done the second time around to prepare for life with a newborn!

As a second time mom this time around, I know the value of making padsicles, so it should come as no surprise that my freezer is loaded up with several dozen! So what are padsicles and why do you need them?

After you birth a baby vaginally, you will be swollen, sore, and possibly recovering from a tear. It will most likely be uncomfortable to sit (especially in certain positions), and you’ll probably walk a little funny. Padsicles are cold, which helps with the swelling. They have aloe gel and witch hazel on them, which helps soothe and keep sanitized. You could also add a few drops of essential oils, specifically ones known to calm swelling and inflammation (like Tea Tree Oil).

How to Make Padsicles

I Made About 30 padsicles!

You Will Need:

  • Absorbent pads with wings — typically any brand’s nighttime pads.
  • ALCOHOL FREE Witch Hazel — you do not want anything containing alcohol near your healing vagina.
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Optional: essential oils, such as tea tree oil
  • Gallon ziplock bags or some kind of freezer-safe storage
  1. Unfold and line up all of your pads, but keep the back attached to their packaging
  2. Soak each pad with about 2 tablespoons of witch hazel
  3. Optional: add a few drops of essential oils to each pad
  4. Squeeze a generous amount of aloe vera gel onto each pad and then spread evenly with a spoon. **Some people want plenty of aloe to really soothe, while others don’t like too much because it can be messy when you’re wearing it. So keep in mind what you may prefer. I personally like a lot!
  5. Fold the pad back up in the wrapping and store in your freezer bag

When you’re ready to use: take a pad out of the freezer at least an hour before use. Once it’s dethawed enough, you’re ready to use it! Another alternative is to put a few in the fridge every morning, so they’re dethawed, but still cold, and ready to use.

I made about 30 padsicles. I personally prefer to have a variety of postpartum care options to alternate throughout the day. I typically alternate between a padsicle, an ice pack with FridaMom products, and a regular pad if I’m out of the house and don’t want something bulky in my pants!


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