The Last Baby Checklist You’ll Ever Need

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Before I even got pregnant, I was doing some serious research on a checklist for what we would need when we had a baby! If you know me, or if you’ve read enough of my blog posts, you know that I am very detail-oriented. Because I’m a worrier, I compensate by over-preparing and over-planning. It makes me feel a little more in control and ready for everything. My baby registry became a checklist for everything I felt we needed in order to make life with a newborn possible and easier!

This post is a look back on everything I put on my baby registry — the things I love, hate, or have never actually used. I’m going to give feedback on everything on my registry in the hopes that it can help you create a baby registry that is a perfect fit for your future family! I’ve also included a printable checklist that you can reference! As a heads up, I made my registry on Amazon, and it was literally a checklist of everything I felt we needed, so there’s plenty of “boring” stuff on there that I bought myself. Like I said, this was a checklist for me that I added to throughout my entire first trimester. Plenty of the items were bought by my incredible friends and family, but I also bought some of it too. I just liked having it all on one place! So without further ado:


Animal Face Towels: we have four of these towels and love them. Four is enough for us since we do laundry about once a week and Christian gets a bath about every other night! They’re perfect for wrapping her up and covering her head after a bath…and they’re just so cute!



Washcloths: when Christian’s umbilical cord was still attached, we used about four washcloths for a bath. But now that we can completely submerge her body during a bath, we really only use 1-2 per bath just to wash her face! So this pack of 10 has been perfect!

Bath Rinser: we love this rinser, and it has proven necessary for bath time! Without it, we’d have to dunk Christian’s head back, which we could definitely do. This is just more convenient!

Spout Cover: so my pregnancy brain was in full force, and I didn’t realize that the spout in our master bathroom is in the shape of an arch, so we couldn’t use this. But if you have the standard kind of spout that juts out of the wall, this would be helpful! I will say that this one we got is almost like styrofoam. I was under the impression it would be more of a rubber material.

Baby Bath: I LOVE this baby bath. It fits in our master bathtub and stores away in the bathroom closet when we aren’t using it. It’s also comfy for Christian to bathe in and she loves kicking around in it. Bath time is her favorite!


DockATot: if you follow us on Instagram, you would have noticed that Christian and I both love her DockATot. I was a little skeptical to put it on my registry at first because it just seemed like an overpriced pillow, but it really has been perfect for cosleeping and putting it in her bassinet. Christian loves how cozy it makes her feel, and she sleep so great in it. It’s also nice only having to pack it (vs. a pack n play) for trips because we can just put the dockatot in bed with us.

Nightlight and Sound Machine: do we use this? Yes. But could I live without it? Also yes. This nightlight/sound machine can do so much to help get your baby on a schedule, but we just don’t use it to it’s fullest potential. However, we do still use it!

Changing Pad: I know some bloggers say you can get away with just changing baby on the ground or on a bed, but I personally wanted a designated changing station! So if you are really trying to cut expenses you can do without it, but if not, get it!

Boogie Wipes: I think you could do with or without these, but I will say they seem to go a step beyond regular baby wipes when it comes to wiping your baby’s face! They’re much more gentle and get their face clean quicker. But to put into perspective, once we ran out of the ones off our registry, we didn’t buy any more.

Brush and Comb: we haven’t used the comb much (yet?), but we use the brush after bath time! It helps keep sweet Christian’s hair from getting knotted!

Changing Pad Liners: these are definitely a must! We got the pack of three and that seems to be enough most of the time. The liners keep your changing pad cover from getting dirty when it’s an especially dirty diaper. Having at least three of them means you will always have one ready to go if others need to get washed!

Owlet: I was dead set on wanting one of these because I loved that it could help me sleep better knowing Christian’s heart rate and oxygen levels were being monitored — and I still know plenty of parents who swear by them. However, we just didn’t have a very good experience using ours. We got a lot of false alarms and difficulty getting a signal. Overall it was just a little too high maintenance to deal with, and we decided to return it and use the money for baby things we’d get more use out of.

Crib: we haven’t used our crib much yet because we’re following the APA guidelines of Christian sleeping in our room until she’s 6 months, but we do use her crib for nap time and will eventually transition Christian into sleeping in it at night! We did get the convertible one that could eventually turn into a toddler and twin bed! Hopefully we’ll be able to use the crib for a long time!

Glider: I’m not sure why people only get gliders when they have babies, but I’m over here wishing I would’ve gotten one a long time ago! They’re so nice to lounge in, especially to rock a baby to sleep in and to feed your baby in! Could you do without one? Yes. But if you can swing it, I would get it! It’s also perfect for reading together when they’re older!

Dresser/Changing Table: I knew I wanted a dresser changing table because I like having a ton of storage. So I bought a dresser and then bought a changing table attachment that screwed onto the top of any dresser. It’s a perfect “home base” for most of Christian’s things, such as diapers, diaper cream, nail clippers, baby medicine, bows, PJs, etc.

Bassinet: I’ve gone back and fourth on the usefulness of the bassinet. If you’re not wanting to co-sleep (like in a dock a tot), then definitely get a bassinet. However, in retrospect, we wouldn’t need one with all the bells and whistles, such as one that vibrates, plays music, has a light, etc. We will keep it much more simple next time — but I do LOVE that it swivels over our bed so Christian can be right there next to me!

Bassinet Wedge: This was something we got because we were told cleft babies have bad acid reflux and need to sleep at an incline, but overall we haven’t really needed it.

Latchy Catchy: we have one on the nursery door and it does exactly what it says it will do! We can peak in while Christian is napping and not make a noise. However, the dogs can also push the door open…

Swaddles: I know some babies hate being swaddled, but Christian has loved it since day 1. She could easily break out of the traditional muslin swaddles, so these velcro ones are perfect! Plus, they make “pod” versions for newborns. I’d recommend getting at least 7 so you don’t have to worry about laundry too much. Christian wore one every night (until she learned to roll over).

Muslin Swaddles: we recieved about 20 of these, and I was a little skeptical that we’d find any use for them since Christian could break out of them. Ultimately, we don’t use them to swaddle her too much, but we do use them ALL THE TIME! These are our go-to for everything: blankets in the car, burp cloths, easy swaddling. We use 1-2 a day for all these miscellaneous purposes.

Sleep sacks: we are starting to use these more now that Christian can’t have her arms swaddled, but I ultimately think that regular PJs work best for her.

Diapers: I’m going to do a whole post on stockpiling diapers, but I think it’s a great idea to throw some of these on your registry. My one thing was that I wanted hypoallergenic diapers because I hated the idea of stockpiling only to realize Christian had a sensitivity to the chemicals in whatever brand we got!

Humidifier: There’s nothing worse than a congested baby! This humidifier has been perfect to keep on full blast at night!


Fresh Food Feeder: we haven’t used these yet, but are very close to starting to! I love the idea of getting to put fresh food, such as a strawberry, in here and letting Christian have at it. I can’t wait to try these!

Bottle Drying Rack: our typical procedure for washing bottles and pump parts is: wash, put on the drying rack, and sanitize. These drying rack has been perfect, but don’t forget to wash it periodically because it can mold as water collects at the bottom!

Dr. Brown’s Bottles: Because of Christian’s cleft, we use the specialty needs feeder system. I love Dr. Brown’s. I love their products and their company. We bought about 6 4oz bottles and 6 8oz bottles (plus a bunch of bottles to pump into), and it’s been the perfect amount to be able to feed Christian without washing bottles constantly.

Bottle Warmer: we loved this warmer and used it for about the first month. However, we found out Christian would drink bottles straight from the fridge, put the bottle warmer in storage, and never looked back! When we were using it, it was super convenient and could heat up a bottle very quickly.

Bottle Brush: we bought a pack of 3, and I would recommend you do the same. You’ll be washing a ton of bottles and pump parts, and we like to replace our bottle brush about every 1-2 months! This bottle brush has been perfect for us.

Boppy Nursing Pillow: My husband uses this every day. I personally think I could live without it (maybe because I don’t breastfeed), so I think this is just a personal preference.

Baby Food Cook Book: I have loved reading this, and I think it’s great that it comes with an entire schedule on how to introduce food to your baby over time — recipes included! It includes so much useful information to make you feel ready to take on baby food!

Reusable Baby Food Pouches: Christian isn’t eating solids just yet, but when she is, I can’t wait to use these! They’re reusable and will be a perfect way to bring food for Christian on the go or at home. I can definitely see myself buying more as Christian starts eating more and more solids.

Baby Food Maker: I can’t wait to start making baby food! This baby food maker has great reviews, and I love that it can steam and blend fresh food all in one!

Bottle Sterilizer: We use our sterilizer multiple times a day. After we’ve washed bottles and pump parts, they all go here. And I love how this sterilizer can hold SO MUCH! I will say we sometimes have issues with it leaking, but it doesn’t bother me enough to stop using it.

Formula: I knew exclusively pumping was my goal, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have some formula on hand. However, we have never used it, and I think each baby responds differently to each formula, so this might not be necessary for you.


Pumparoo: This was recommended by a coworker while I was still pregnant, and it is GENIUS. Full disclosure: I’m a brand ambassador for the Sarah Wells company, but I only applied to be an ambassador after I tried and LOVED their products. The pumparoo can be used in so many ways, but my favorite is that I can store pump parts in it in the fridge in between pumping sessions. Then I don’t have to wash my parts after ever use…only about twice a day!

Breast Milk Cooler: This is another Sarah Wells product I love. It’s the perfect size to bring as much as 32 oz (I could definitely fit more though) whenever we’re out on the go. And the Cold Gold keeps it cold the entire time we’re out!

Diaper Caddy: I initially bought this thinking it would be my portable pumping station for around the house. In my last month of pregnancy, I put my pump, snacks, nipple cream, pump parts, etc. in it. However, it ultimately didn’t work for me. Mainly because I didn’t need a portable pump station because I always pump in one spot of the house. Some people love having a “station”, but I just didn’t need it…maybe because I live in a one-story where nothing is ever too far!

Breastmilk Storage Bags: This was something worth putting on the registry because I knew I’d be pumping and would need them! Since Christian was born 4.5 months ago, I’ve used about 600 of them to store my breast milk! #OverSupplierProbs

Breastmilk Organization System: I don’t know if I should blame it on mom brain, but I have a freezer drawer that pulls out below our refrigerator. This makes this system not really work for me! And even if I had a regular freezer door, this still wouldn’t work for someone who has to freeze breastmilk in bulk. If you’re only going to be freezing about one bag at a time though, I think this would work great for you!

Breast Pump Adapter Cords: If you’re planning on pumping on the go (like at work), it’s worth buying some battery and/or car adaptor cords for your pump. You can pump in the car on the way to work, on a boat, on a plain…you name it! I use my car adaptor cord all the time (along with my regular cord), but I haven’t had a need for the battery one yet.

Breastmilk Bottles: Since Christian has special bottles she actually drinks out of, I went ahead and invested in bottles to pump and store in. I bought about 6 5-ounce bottles and 8 8-ounce bottles. Both are great to have depending on how much I pump at one time. My breastmilk stays in these bottles in the fridge until I’m ready to either feed Christian or freeze it.

Steam Bags: I’ve only use these once when we were staying in the hospital and I wanted to sterilize everything. They work great, and you can get multiple uses out of one bag. If you don’t want to invest in a bottle sterilizer, these would be a great substitution!

Nipple Cream: I honestly don’t hardly even use this anymore, but it was critical to have in those first few months of pumping!

Lactation Pills: I was fortunate enough to never have a problem with supply, but it was nice having these on standby if I did notice a supply issue.

Nursing Pads: The first few weeks of pumping, these were useless because I was leaking so bad that I soaked through them within an hour! Disposable nursing pads would’ve been best while my supply was regulating. However, once you’re not constantly leaking, the reusable kind are nice to have. Although I don’t use any kind of nursing pad anymore!

First Aid & Safety

FridaBaby Baby Basics Kit: This thing is a lifesaver and my new go-to for baby shower gifts! FridaBaby sent me the baby basic kit, and it has everything a new mom might need! Every single thing in the basics kit is a total #momhack and life saver! Get it!

Baby Forehead Thermometer: The first week or two of Christian being home, we used this all the time. “Is she too hot? I think she might be running a fever. Get the thermometer!!!!!” Every time we tried it on her forehead, we got a totally different reading. Come to find out, a forehead thermometer isn’t the most accurate way to check a baby’s temperature. In reality, stick with a regular thermometer under her armpit. It’s cheaper and more accurate.

Diaper Cream Brush: Before I had Christian, I had no clue how sticky diaper cream was and how hard it was to get off my hands. Just get this brush to save yourself from having diaper cream hand all day!

Butt Paste: Christian has only gotten a diaper rash a few times, but each time we used this butt paste and it was cleared up by morning! Genius!

Corner Protectors: Since Christian isn’t on the move, we haven’t used these yet. But I’m glad we have them ready to go! It won’t be too much longer before we’re baby proofing the house.

Outlet Plug Covers: I initially got these because I loved how they looked nice and how you don’t have to mess with the plastic, “old school” plug covers. However, the self-closing outlet covers make the plug holes deeper, so its hard for some plugs to stay inside them. Therefore, I’m sticking with the old school covers!

Dreft: There wasn’t much more that got me excited about Christian’s arrival than washing all of her beautiful new clothes in Dreft. When people say they love that “baby smell”, they’re really saying they love the smell of Dreft (and breastmilk honestly). I did a mini stockpile of this because I knew we’d be using it. I also got their stain remover because, well, baby=stains.

On the Go

Baby Car Mirror: This was one of the first things I bought, and within 10 minutes of walking into our Baby Carseat class, I saw the exact one I had purchased in the “corner of shame”. Apparently baby mirrors are 1) a distraction to the driver while driving and 2) a projectile in the event of a car accident. So my mirror is still sitting in the box stored away. I do have moments where I wish I had it, but overall feel like I’m doing what is safest.

Diaper Backpack: this diaper bag was surprisingly great given it’s affordable price. It isn’t amazingly great quality, but it can definitely get the job done. I ultimately ended up using the Milkmaid Goods  diaper backpack because it’s just incredible, but this one is great too!

Stroller and Carseat: This is a necessity in my opinion, and I think each person should research the brand/style they want to get depending on their personal needs!

Carseat base: Typically your carseat will come with a base, but we bought a second one so that we had a base in each car. This makes it so easy to bring the carseat in either car.

Baby Wrap: I’ve used a couple different wraps, and this has been one of my favorites. It’s a perfect combination between that cozy feeling baby’s love about a wrap but without being too complicated to put on. I definitely recommend getting some kind of wrap because there’s not much a newborn loves more than to be snuggled up close to you! Just make sure you read the safety warnings/instructions so that you know you’re using it correctly!

Baby Carrier: The more structured baby carriers (we got this one for my husband to use) usually can’t be used until baby is a little bigger, but we’re glad we have this one since Chris likes the style better!

Multi-Use Cover: I used this a lot when we took Christian out as a newborn. Now I mainly use it when I’m pumping in my car — I love that it can be used in multiple ways!

Toys and More

Sophie la Girafe: Christian hasn’t shown too much interest in this, and honestly the squeaky just confuses my dogs into thinking it’s their toy! I’ve also recently read about health issues concerning mold inside of it? Just do your research, but I’d pass on this next time!

Teether Toys: We haven’t gotten too much use out of these, but I think we’re coming up on getting a lot of use out of them now that Christian is a little bigger!

Baby Books: I put about 8 books on the registry just to get Christian’s library started! A few of my favorites are this one, this one, and this one!

Boppy Lounger: This is probably one of my #1 items! Since Christian was born, our Boppy Lounger has been kind of a “home base” for setting her down if I need to get something done. I know it may seem like just any other pillow, but it’s perfectly shaped to snuggle a baby and keep them comfortable.

Activity Mat: I love this mat because it has different textures and sounds, even a mirror. It’s been great for tummy time and back time just for Christian to hang out and stretch out on!

Floor Seat: I’ve been using this since Christian was about 3 months old. When she’s in the mood to be sitting up and looking around, this is a good place to put her! It also comes with a removable tray, which I’ll put on when she can have a snack.

Activity Jumper: I just set this up earlier this week, but I think Christian is still a little too small for it. It’s really cool, but it honestly just takes up so much room! We’ll see how Christian grows to like it, but if she’s not super interested in it, I may gift it to someone else.

Baby Toys: I put a few of these on my registry, but I’m only recently starting to use them as Christian is seeking more entertainment!

Momaroo: with the baby swings, rockers, bouncers, etc. I really think it just depends on the baby! Some babies hate one and love the other, and you just own’t know until they’ve tried it! Christian has enjoyed the Momaroo maybe about a dozen times. She doesn’t hate it, but she definitely doesn’t love it. In retrospect, I would’ve passed.

Rock ‘n Play: We used this a lot when Christian was a newborn and sleeping all the time, but we probably haven’t used it in about 2 months…

Clothes and Accessories: For my registry/checklist, I wanted to try and get enough basics for each size group NB-18 month!

Onesies: I bought a minimum of 5-6 short sleeve onesies in each size! Keep in mind what size your baby will be during colder months, and get some long sleeve onesies for that size range too. For example, Christian has a combination of short and long sleeve onesies for her 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes! Realistically, there are some days you very well might go through 4 onesies and other days baby will last in one all day. Keep that in mind when thinking about how many to get vs. how often you want to do laundry.

Sleep ‘n’ Play Footsies: I got a lot of these in newborn and 0-3 sizes, and I wish I wouldn’t have. Christian never slept in these because she always slept swaddled (in just a diaper under that). However, around 4 months we couldn’t swaddle Christian anymore (since she was rolling), so now these are PERFECT to have for her to sleep in…and she looks so darn cute in them! Word of caution: don’t get any that button…only the ones that zip. Or you’ll find yourself in the middle of the night trying to change a diaper and button a dozen buttons.

Socks: It’s worth buying a pack. If it’s a little cold out — or even cold in the house — you’ll want to put a pair on baby!

Pants: Since we live in Texas, Christian rarely ever wears pants. Again, keep in mind the weather where you live. For me, I would only get a lot of pants in 3-6 and 6-9 month.

Bows: This is something fun to add to the registry that people will enjoy buying! I personally love Milkmaid Goods bows and Olivia Bow Club (which is a bow subscription!). Both of those companies make bows that actually fit a newborns head.

Waterproof Bibs: Since Christian isn’t eating solids, I haven’t used these yet. But I bought two to see if we like them!

Pacifiers: I had these on the registry before we knew about Christian’s cleft. Most people love the Wubanubs!

Burp Cloths: Don’t waste your time buying any burp cloths except for nice big ones like these! They are a perfect size and are great at absorbing spit up!

Bibs:I might have overdone it on the bibs since I bought about 30 of them. However, now that Christian has turned into a total slobber monster, I’m glad we have so many! And the bandana style ones are super cute!

Labor & Delivery

Labor & Delivery Gown: I am so happy I bought one of these to labor in! It was so nice not being in one of those ugly, one size hospital gowns. There were buttons up the back, which were perfect for cords/wires to stay attached without showing your entire butt. I felt good, I looked good in pictures (as good as you can look in labor), and I got a lot of complements! I’ll definitely be buying another one for future pregnancies!

Exercise Ball: This was so nice to sit on throughout my pregnancy! It also helps stretch and open your hips to help prepare for labor!



Baby Registry Checklist: Click the link to print my checklist!





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